SSI Tips: Preventing Skin Infections in Wrestling

Skin diseases can hamper one’s performance – not to mention pose a risk to greater complications and potential spread to others.  Wrestling environments, including mats, locker rooms, and even wrestlers themselves, invite the spread of bacteria, fungus, and viruses that can lead to skin diseases.  Such bacteria like to hide in dark, moist places and love to multiply quickly when hosts become available to spread the cells.

The following tips are offered by Sport Safety International as a way to minimize the chance of acquiring a skin disease from wrestling:

1.       Always practice proper hygiene habits using antimicrobial soaps

2.       Maintain a clean environment in locker rooms and facilities

3.       Disinfect all surfaces (mats, benches) regularly

4.       Always wear clean, dry clothing

5.       Avoid the sharing of towels, water bottles and other common items

6.       Have all cuts, scratches, and abrasions evaluated by a healthcare provider to prevent against infection

7.       Have any skin changes that do not appear normal (redness, raised lesions) evaluated by a healthcare professional immediately

Most skin disease can be treated effectively with topical and/or oral medications.  However, some require stronger doses of medication and may restrict one from wrestling due to the risk of contagious spreading to others.  In such cases, following medical advice is always in the best interest of everyone and will result in a much better outcome over the course of time.


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