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We are an e-learning digital media company that specializes in sport safety education. SSI provides trusted, reliable and accurate course offerings to ensure safe participation in sport and physical activity. Our content is created by experienced healthcare and medical professionals and based on the most current standards of practice. Our team and organization is positioned to be the leading provider of accredited continuing education and certification programs for athletic trainers, university students, coaches, parents and athletes.

Our marketing team is working with select brands to deliver the target audience education and measurable campaigns that speak to our partners goals. Our partnerships are structured in a way to add value to the e-learning experience. Not many marketing opportunities pair both community engagement and corporate social responsibility. There are 68.5 Million healthcare providers, coaches, parents and athletes that need access to sport safety education.

Community Engagement

Speak your message directly with a captive audience of your specific demographic and decision makers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Spend dollars that make a measurable positive impact.

Tell A Compelling Story

Align your brand with a national topic, sport safety. 


50% of Coaches

Say they have received certification on how to prevent and recognize sport injuries.

80% of Parents

Want their children’s coach to be certified in injury prevention.


The number of nationally recognized first aid courses that meet international guidelines and adequately address the prevention and management of catastrophic sport injuries.


5 Million

Healthcare Providers

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Physicians

  • Nurses

  • Physical Therapists

Continuing medical education is required by licensed providers.

3.5 Million

All Levels of Coaches

  • Profesional & League

  • University Programs

  • High School Systems

  • Youth Teams & Volunteers

Required by state laws and organizational policies.

60 Million

Parents & Athletes

  • Youth & Interscholastic

  • Intercollegiate

  • Amateur

  • Profesional

May soon be required by law or organizational policy.

White Labeled Education Campaigns

Content that is top of mind with millions of people every day. We are providing a solution to the problem. The key to prevention is education. SSI provides you a turnkey white labeled public education campaign. Your brand will surround our credible course content. The data collection, extended experience and goodwill in the athletics community multiplies the value of your marketing dollars.

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