Sport Safety International is proud to offer
ConcussionWise™ Live, and the ConcussionWise™ Instructor Orientation Program via Live Webinar

Having educated over 500,000 people from 53 countries in over 600,000 online courses, Sport Safety International is a proven leader in concussion education for coaches, parents, athletes, and health care providers. After numerous requests, Sport Safety International is proud to offer the ConcussionWise™ course content in a live format, as well as an instructor program designed to train individuals to present the ConcusisonWise™ Live course. For more information or to register for a ConcussionWise Instructor Training Webinar please click on the button at the bottom of this page.


  • Video/interactive format
  • Based on the latest recommendations
  • Reinforce information after the course
  • Completion certificates
  • Easily track concussion education and renewal


Instruct live CONCUSSIONWISE courses.

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01. Interactive Format

ConcussionWise™ Instructors have access to all the sport safety video presentations and provided course tools, which ensures their participants receive the consistent and correct information. The course is based on the latest recommendations on concussion prevention and management.

02. Online Registration

ConcussionWise™ Instructors can use the Online Learning Academy’s registration system to have attendees register online prior to the course. Participants will be able to review content presented in the live course at any time by logging into their personal account at Sport Safety International’s Online Learning Academy.

03. Certificates & Tracking

Coaches who successfully complete live education will be automatically be listed in the CONCUSSIONWISE™ Registry. Administrators can use ConcussionWise™ Live courses in combination with the Education Manager service to track completion and renewal information.