Sport Safety International is proud to announce the release of its new Indiana Football Sport Safety Course

Effective July 1, 2014, SEA 222 requires that all football coaches (head coaches and assistant coaches) who coach children under the age of 20 and who utilize public property (parks, schools, public fields) for practice or games complete a coaching education course that covers concussion awareness, equipment fitting, heat emergency preparedness, and, proper technique . The Indiana Department of Education Concussion Advisory Board recommends that all volunteer football coaches participate in this training as well.

This course was developed to satisfy the requirements of SEA222, and has been approved by the Indiana Department of Education.

The Indiana Football Coaches Safety Course contains the following educational modules:

1. ConcussionWise for Indiana Coaches
2. Understanding Indiana’s Concussion Law
3. Prevention and Proper Technique
4. HeatWise: Education for the Prevention of Exertional Heat Illness
5. Football Equipment Fitting

Coaches who successfully complete the post-test will receive a certificate of completion, and will be listed on the Indiana Coaches Registry, a searchable online database of coaches who have completed the Indiana Football Coaches Safety Course.