Concussion Education the Centerpiece of Relationship between Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society and SSI



Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society releases interactive online concussion education for all involved along the concussion continuum.
November 4, 2011—As the high school football season heads into the playoff stretch and upcoming winter sports season begins The Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society (PATS), announced today that it has partnered with Sport Safety International; a medical consulting firm that specializes in providing expert advice in the area of sport safety and injury prevention, to help introduce “Concussion Wise™” an online concussion education program designed for athletic trainers, coaches, parents, athletes and other health care professionals. The program is available immediately.


The partnership coincides with the recent Pennsylvania Senate concurring on SB200, an act establishing standards for managing concussions and traumatic brain injuries to student-athletes; assigning duties to the Department of Health and the Department of Education; and imposing penalties. “The importance of SB 200 is that it helps in the recognition that concussions are serious brain injuries amongst coaches, athletes, and parents,” stated Greg Janik PATS President.
While focusing on the latest scientific and evidence based research of concussion education, prevention and management, “Concussion Wise™” is designed to meet the educational needs of athletic trainers, coaches, parents, athletes and other health care providers throughout the nation.
According to Janik, “The Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society is excited to be able to offer this quality educational program, as it provides an opportunity for everyone who is involved in concussion management to be educated with a quality course.” “As an organization that prides itself on protecting athletes, it was important to PATS to partner with Sport Safety International to provide this comprehensive concussion learning opportunity”, continued Janik.

“Sport Safety International looks forward to its partnership with PATS and understands how important it is to provide this quality concussion education to all those who are involved with concussion education and management in Pennsylvania” said Dr. Robb Rehberg, a partner with Sport Safety International and author of the ConcussionWise™ program. “The course provides a quality educational opportunity for all involved on the concussion continuum who may not have the time or flexibility in their schedules to attend additional symposiums or lectures.”
ConcussionWise™ courses are available at

Athletic Trainers are multi-skilled health care professionals who are college educated to provide services for those who are physically active. At this time, Athletic Trainers have a minimum of a bachelors degree from a four-year accredited institution; however, more than forty percent of nationally certified Athletic Trainers in Pennsylvania have masters or doctoral degrees. Pennsylvania boasts one of the highest number of accredited Athletic Training Education Programs in the nation (20).
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The mission of Sport Safety International is to promote injury prevention and safe participation in physical activity and sports by providing the highest quality educational programming to athletes, parents, coaches, and sports medicine professionals.



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