Colorado Athletic Trainers’ Association and Sports Safety International Team Up on Concussion Education

ColoradoATALogo1Partnership to offer online concussion education for all levels announced at National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting.

ST. LOUIS June 28, 2012—Colorado Athletic Trainers’ Association President  Corey Oshikoya and Sports Safety International Executive Director Dr. Robb Rehberg announced an agreement at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association to offer “ConcussionWise ™” an online concussion education program designed for coaches, parents, athletes, as well as athletic trainers and other health care providers.

Over 300,000 sports and recreational related concussions occur in the United States each year and 140,000 of these occur in high school athletes.  Concussions account for nearly 10% of all high school sports injuries.  Sports related concussions are frequently missed or not managed properly.

Coaches, parents, athletes, athletic trainers and other medical personnel should be active participants in the educational process and be able to properly recognize the signs and symptoms and the appropriate management of concussions. The course focuses on the latest scientific and evidence based research of concussion education, prevention and management.  It covers, among, other things, awareness, preparedness and prevention. Upon successful completion of any of the courses the participants will receive a certificate.

“The Colorado Athletic Trainers’ Association is proud to announce our partnership with Sport Safety International and our capability to provide this education to the Colorado sports community” stated Oshikoya. “This education program helps support the concussion law sign by Governor Hickenlooper and enacted into law in January, 2012. It ensures that everyone who is involved in concussion care can be educated with a quality course, “ continued Oshikoya. “We are very happy to be working with the CATA to offer a program that meets the needs of the CATA, its members and the Colorado community as a whole” said Rehberg, who is also the author of the ConcussionWise ™ program.  ConcussionWise™ provides the athletic community with an educational activity that increase sports concussion awareness and proper management.” The importance of education and teamwork in the recognition, treatment, and healing process of concussions cannot be overstated.” according to Rehberg. ConcussionWise™ courses are available at

The mission of Sport Safety International is to promote injury prevention and safe participation in physical activity and sports by providing the highest quality educational programming to athletes, parents, coaches, and sports medicine professionals.


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